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The Work of Legal Clinics in Trying Times

I have been reflecting on what our work means to our client communities in the context of the current pandemic. Three key aspects come to mind as critically needed at this time: recognizing our place; diversity in our work; and vulnerability of our client communities.

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Board Supports

Assessing Board Effectiveness

This webinar was originally offered on May 2, 2019 Watch the webinar here: Downoad the Presentation: Assessing Board Effectiveness Description: This webinar covers: Board recruitment and orientation Ongoing education Regular discussion and feedback Decision making Annual review

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Board Supports

My Role as Board Member

This webinar was originally offered April 17, 2019. Watch the webinar here: Download the Presentation: My Role as a Board Member Description This webinar covers: The history and mission of clinics, Ten key responsibilities of Board members Board member fiduciary, strategic and individual roles Board member conduct

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ACLCO Updates

2020 Updates to Clinics

There are no Updates at this time.

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Executive Minutes

2020 Executive Minutes

You can download the minutes from each meeting in 2020 here.

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AGM Archives

2019 AGM

The 2019 AGM and Conference was held on Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27, 2019 in Toronto. Conference Theme: “Surviving and Thriving in Challenging Times“ Events that have transformed Ontario since our last AGM have directed us to focus the 2019 Annual Conference and General Meeting on ensuring that clinics thrive as they defend the rights of their communities and ensure access to justice for the most disadvantaged.

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The Smarter and stronger Justice Act bill

The provincial government introduced for first reading, an omnibus justice bill (The Smarter and Stronger Justice Act bill) containing provisions that will amend the current Legal Aid Services Act, 1998.

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“No Advocate” Video Project

"NO ADVOCATE" was made in an effort to shine light on the great work done by Toronto-based legal clinics and the trickle down impact these cuts will have on BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Peoples of Colour) communities.

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Access to Justice Week

The ACLCO recognized Access to Justice week 2019 by launching a video series speaking with influential people in the justice sector about what access to justice means and the role Community Legal Clinics play in making that a reality.  Watch the videos here.  This series launched in support of Law Society of Ontario’s 4th Annual Access2Justice Week presented by The Action Committee on Access to Justice October 28 –

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