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Association of Community Legal Clinics of Ontario
Linking poverty law clinics and their communities throughout Ontario in a common voice.

Association des cliniques juridques communautaires de l'Ontario
Réunir les cliniques juridiques en matiére de droit des pauvres et leurs commautés en Ontario par le biais d’une voix commune.

Stop the Cuts: Access to Justice for All
The provincial government has cut funding to Legal Aid Ontario by 35%, which will result in a massive funding cut to Community Legal Clinics. This will directly impact front-line services and our ability to serve Ontario's most vulnerable people.

Read the ACLCO's Statement on cuts to Community Legal Clinics
Download the Fact Sheet in English ou en français

HOW CAN YOU HELP?  Learn how here. #Justice4All

Buttons for rallyPhotos! Clinics hosted #DayofAction events on July 30th across the province.  Click here to see the photo gallery!

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Hoping Ontario’s new Attorney General does the right thing

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The Star Editorial Board calls on the Ontario’s new Attorney General to reverse the cuts to legal aid.

"Ontario has a new attorney general, Doug Downe...

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Community Legal Clinics worried about their future after provincial cuts to the budgets of the local clinic and clinics province-wide

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