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Tribute to Dr. S. Ronald Ellis

Dr. S. Ronald Ellis

At the ACLCO, we are most saddened by the recent passing of Dr. Ron Ellis, one of the architects of the Ontario community legal clinic system. Ron was a labour lawyer, a teacher and mentor, Executive Director of Parkdale Community Legal Services, a leader in Canada’s administrative justice community, a legal scholar and an advocate in the courts for the integrity and independence of adjudicative tribunals. As the inaugural Chair of what is now Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT), Ron entrenched the rule of law in the adjudication of workers’ compensation claims in Ontario and was known for his persistent advocacy for rule-of-law reforms in Canadian administrative justice systems generally.  Ron was recognized by the Law Society of Ontario with its Medal for outstanding service in accordance with the highest ideals of the legal profession.  Ron continued his many contributions to access to justice as a great supporter of the community legal clinic system through his work on the Friends of the Clinics Committee. 

We strive to honour Ron with our own continuing advocacy on behalf of low-income people and by upholding the high standards of integrity, excellence and fairness that he established.