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“No Advocate” Video Project

“Do we have adequate access to justice? It seems to me that the answer is no. We have wonderful justice for corporations and for the wealthy. But the middle class and the poor may not be able to access our justice system.” – Beverley Marian McLachlin, Former Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Canada, Keynote address at University Faculty of Law, February 8, 2011

Producer Jalana D. Lewis says that “NO ADVOCATE” was made in an effort to shine light on the great work done by Toronto-based legal clinics and the trickle down impact these cuts will have on BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Peoples of Colour) communities.”  The Black Legal Action CentreChinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic and the South Asian Legal Clinic opened their doors as part of this Ogoode Hall Law School project, made this project possible through the Fund for Innovation in Law and Media.

Watch the video here.