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2019 AGM

The 2019 AGM and Conference was held on Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27, 2019 in Toronto.

Conference Theme: “Surviving and Thriving in Challenging Times

Events that have transformed Ontario since our last AGM have directed us to focus the 2019 Annual Conference and General Meeting on ensuring that clinics thrive as they defend the rights of their communities and ensure access to justice for the most disadvantaged. The 2019 AGM will focus on Surviving and Thriving in Challenging Times. The goal for this AGM is to analyze the threats to the rights and entitlements of low-income people, including access to community legal services. We want to strategize on how, as legal clinics, we can mobilize to guard against those threats.

  • Friday, April 26, 10am – 12noon – Board members only workshop
  • Friday, April 26 1pm-6pm – Conference
  • Saturday, April 27 9am – 1pm – Conference
  • Saturday, April 27 1-4pm – Annual General Meeting


Ryerson University, Oakham House
55 Gould St., Toronto M5B 1E9

The “Conference Registration Guide” has all of the information you need to attend. Please download it here.
  Conference Registration Guide

Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedure

To ensure that all clinic staff and Board members, as well as ACLCO staff, presenters, facilities staff, and guests attending the ACLCO Annual Conference and General Meeting are entitled to participate, in all aspects of the Conference, free from discrimination, harassment and/or violence, the  ACLCO has adopted an Anti-Harassment Policy. This policy covers both the scheduled AGM and Conference and extends to social events and non-structured time during breaks, in the evening and overnight.  You can access that here.

Conference Information Documents

Documents are provided in PDF format, unless otherwise indicated. If you require documents in alternate formats, please contact us.

Workshop materials

Annual General Meeting materials