ACLCO Statement of Principles

As lawyers working for the ACLCO, we are proud to stand by the following principles:

  • A recognition of the diversity of the Ontario public;
  • A recognition that the Law Society is committed to inclusive legal workplaces in Ontario, a reduction of barriers created by racism, unconscious bias and discrimination and better representation of Indigenous¬† and racialized licensees in the legal professions in all legal workplaces and at all levels of seniority;
  • Our special responsibility as members of the legal profession to protect the dignity of all individuals, and to respect human rights laws in force in Ontario;
  • A commitment to advance reconciliation, acknowledging that we are collectively responsible to support improved relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Ontario and Canada; and,
  • An acknowledgement of our obligations to promote equality, diversity and inclusion generally and in our behaviour towards colleagues, employees, clinics and the public.

Lenny Abramowicz
Ivana Petricone