Critical Characteristics of Clinics' Success

Critical Characteristics of Community Legal Clinics in Ontario Webinar Presentation from Lenny Abramowicz on Vimeo.

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"Critical Characteristics of Community Legal Aid Clinics in Ontario", by Lenny Abramowicz.

The community legal clinic system in Ontario is looked upon as the leading example of a poverty law service provider from an international perspective.  It has been frequently studied by international scholars and practitioners in the field and is often said to be the envy of those practicing within the field, both across Canada and internationally. The following article explores the factors which have contributed to this success. 

This article was published in the Journal of Law and Social Policy, vol. 19, Fall 2004; pp. 70 ff. It is reproduced here by permission of the author. It is intended to be for individual use to aid in research and education on the community legal clinic system and poverty law in Ontario, and to educate the wider public.  The ACLCO asks that you not reproduce or transmit this document in whole or in part to any third party without the expressed written permission of the author (   The ACLCO wishes to thank the author for making this work available for use on this web site. 

A useful overview and and enduring evaluation of the community legal clinic system in Ontario can be found in A Report of the Ontario Legal Aid Review: a Blueprint for Publicly Funded Legal Services(volume 1) 1997: Chapter 11 (The McCamus Report). Chapter 11, "'Poverty Law' Legal Aid Services" (the abridged online version is reproduced here.) The McCamus Report is generally acknowledged to have served as the foundation of the Legal Aid Services Act (1998), and which sets the framework for the current community legal clinic system in Ontario.